Ammonite Inspired Clay Design

Use your scrap clay challenge - Ammonite

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts!

Here’s the last tutorial of the Use your Scrap Clay Challenge. But don’t worry, I’ll think of a different theme (hopefully interesting as well) and continue to provide inspiration for your polymer clay.

The ammonite is a beautiful and easy inspiration to work with. Ammonites lived during the Jurassic and Cretaceous and they are beautifully looking fossils.

I decided to use Abalone Fimo metal leaf and I can tell you that this leaf is so beautiful all by itself that you won’t have to do much to make an amazing polymer clay piece out of it. Except, maybe to carve the clay or scratch the leaf to create a beautiful “drawing” on top of the piece.

Initially I used Diamond Glaze (my go-to product for beautiful glass-like finishes), but this time I was in for a surprise. When the glaze was dry, all the beautiful abalone colors of the Abalone leaf completely disappeared!!!

Here are the ammonites with the Diamond Glaze (the one with less colors) and with the resin on top (the beautiful one).

Ammonite polymer clay tutorial

So I had to start over and use resin to finish the piece. So, I have to admit, sometimes resin is the best choice for a beautiful finish.

Here’s the ammonite silhouette that you can download and use it in your work (it’s free for personal and commercial use). Use the right-click of the mouse and the Save Image As option to save the photo.


I used ball pins and the round nose pliers to make zigzag pins that I pressed into the polymer clay. I just put the ball pin into the round nose pliers and use the end of the wire and the other jaw of the pliers to curve the wire end upward and downward and moving the round nose pliers grip all the time. I though this would enhance the beauty of the design (2 of the ball pins were not really stuck inside the clay, even though I pressed them into the raw clay so I had to use Super Glue to glue them into place after baking the piece. And then I applied the resin on top).

I hope that you’ll like the tutorial and I hope that you’re inspired to create more using polymer clay!

This is an easy and hopefully sweet tutorial and this finishes the Use your Scrap Clay Challenge. I’m still thinking of the theme for the next series so stay tuned for more polymer clay inspiration.

Happy claying!


Ammonite polymer clay tutorial




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