Faux stained-glass fox – Use your Scrap Clay Challenge – Day 4

Use your scrap clay challenge - day 4 - Faux stained-glass fox

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts!

This is Day 4 of the Use your Scrap Clay Challenge! I hope you`re having fun and that in the same time you look at your scrap clay with other eyes  – seeing more possibilities.

I know I kept on storing scrap clay ( I also love working with polymer clay out of the box), but sooner or later you`ll have to find a solution for your pile of scrap clay.

In today`s tutorial we are going to use silver foil and alcohol inks (you can never go wrong with such a combination, you can only be amazed!) and Diamond Glaze on top for a resin-like finish. I`m using a fox stamp but you can use the stamps of your choice and I`m sure you`ll get an amazing result!


You can say that I`m only covering part of the scrap clay (with silver foil), while the sides and the back of the piece are greenish (the color of the scrap clay). I did use a stamp to impress a texture onto the back though.

I used Santa Fe red and Sun-bright yellow Pinata alcohol inks for the fox design, but of course you can work with the colors of your choice. And mix them.

I hope you`ll like this tutorial and more than everything I hope it will inspire you to create and to use your scrap clay and declutter your work area.

Happy claying!



Use your Scrap Clay Challenge - day 4 - Faux stained -glass fox


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