Filigree cat – Day 3 – Use your scrap clay challenge


Use your scrap clay Challenge - Filigree cat polymer clay video tutorial

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts!

I’m here with more inspiration to turn your scrap clay into something beautiful. OK, we used foils to hide the color of the mixed scrap clay, we colored the scrap clay with alcohol inks, but sometimes you might want to use the color of the mixed scrap clay and spice it up a little bit.

So prepare your silkscreens and a texture plate, pastels and a sharp blade and let’s get going!

Here’s a cat template with plenty of  cat silhouettes that you can use to make a cat shape (the template is free for personal and commercial use). Right-click to save the image (Save Image As from the Drop-down menu).

The filigree effect is a variation of the mica technique. The mica technique consists in using metallic polymer clay, a texture sheet and a sharp blade to get a beautiful pattern inside the metallic clay (because of the mica shift occurring inside the metallic clay). And the technique simply means texturing the metallic clay and shaving off the raised areas. Normally you might not use this shaving too much, even though they have great potential. In this filigree technique, we are going to use these shaving to achieve a filigree look.

The second pattern on the piece is made using a silkscreen and pink 3D paint (the 3D effect is not so visible when using the silkscreen technique, but I loved the pink color).

I used Diamond Glaze to give a resin-like finish to the piece (you might want to use resin instead) . Please check if Diamond glaze works well in the area where you are living (weather conditions might affect some varnishes) and watch out for air bubbles. If you do have air bubbles, just take them to the side using a toothpick. Keep in mind that when using Diamond Glaze you’ll get darker colors ( but I still like Diamond Glaze a lot – because it’s easy to use and it dries quickly).

I hope you’ll like the tutorial and I hope you’ll get inspired to use your scrap clay more.
Happy Claying!



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