Geometric Unicorn – Use your Scrap Clay Challenge – Day 5


Use your scrap clay Challenge - Geometric Unicorn Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts!

This is Day 5 of the Use your Scrap Clay Challenge. Even though I tried to keep the chronological order, there were moments when my video editing wasn’t satisfying, so I chose quality over timeliness. So I hope you’ll understand this, knowing that I really do my best to keep you inspired and come up (I hope) with interesting ideas to inspire you to create using polymer clay.

The geometric technique that I used to make this Unicorn Design is one of my favorite techniques. And it has great potential. You can use so many templates (animal template or other templates), you can make simple mandalas or decorate geometric shapes. The sky is the limit. You can tweak this technique and use foil decorated tiny triangles and alcohol inks to color them and I’m sure you’ll get amazing results. If you like mosaic, I think you’ll like this geometric idea too.

Keep in mind to press well the pieces into the base (you might want to use gloves or parchment paper on top of the polymer clay and use your hands or a roller to gently press them into the base and thus avoid unwanted fingerprints.) You should press the pieces gently into the base and also into each other, trying to eliminate or minimize gaps in between the tiny triangles.

I’m working with a Unicorn template, but the end piece is something between a Unicorn and  a Pegasus. Still I like this piece very much. And I hope you’ll like it too.

Use the right-click to save the images (the first one is a PNG the second is a SVG) and choose Save Image As from the Drop-down Menu. I hope they’ll be useful for you.

free template


As always, I hope that you liked the tutorial and that it provided inspiration for your work with polymer clay.

Happy claying!


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