Iridescent swan – Use your scrap clay challenge – Day 7

Swan polymer clay video tutorial

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts,

here`s another tutorial to inspire you to use up your scrap clay and in the same time make something beautiful.

In this tutorial I`m using the scrap clay as a filler, but I decided not to cover the edges of the piece so you`ll be able to see the color of the scrap clay. I personally like this ice cream sandwich look of the piece.

In case you don`t like this effect, you can make a border for your piece using a thin sheet of black polymer clay and liquid polymer clay and you`ll have to bake your polymer clay piece again for 20 minutes this time.

I love working with nail art foils and I love the glass-like effect that you get, especially if you apply Diamond Glaze, resin or Triple Thick Varnish on top of the piece.

Even though I love using nail art foils in my work, I would have liked to have more control over the process. You can use Renaissance adhesive, Weldbond or SuperGlue to glue to foils to the polymer clay, but it`s not easy to create a clearly contoured pattern.

But there is a solution for this: using an ink pen and sticky embossing powder. And now it`s up to you if you`d like to make a simple drawing or doodle on top of the clay or draw simple lines, circles, hearts, you get the idea.

You could test stamps, an ink pad, sticky embossing powder and nail art foils.

I used a Swan silhouette to cut out a swan design. Use the right-click of the mouse to download the SVG file using the option Save Image As and have fun with this silhouette.


As always, I hope you’ll like the tutorial and get inspired to create and use up your scrap clay in the process.

Happy claying!


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