Pastel Clay Chameleon Brooch

Use your scrap clay challenge - Polymer clay video tutorial

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts!

You know what they say: new year, new resolutions.

When it comes to my resolutions, I decided to use more some of the tools that have great potential, but to which I`m not so drawn in the first place.

And such a tool would be the Etch`n`Pearl tool. It really is a great tool, easy to use and it comes in three sizes. I`m not an affiliate or anything, I received it as a gift  as a participant to the Polymer Clay Synergy Conference in Bordeaux, some years ago, and this is a tool I`m happy I have in my toolbox.

In this tutorial I`m using matte eye-shadows that are very similar to Pan Pastels, Soft Pastels, Chalk pastels. And they are the perfect choice (meaning any of these pastel colors) when you`d want a pastel look for your polymer clay piece.

Of course, you can tweak this idea and use mica powders (instead of the pastel colors) for a shinier look or you can use a foil decorated base and then apply alcohol inks on top of the little dots / pearls applied with the Etch`n`Pearl tool. Or you can combine all these together. You get to take the creative decision so have fun with these multiple possibilities.

I decided to add some freshwater pearls  to make the pastel colors pop up even more in contrast to this soft pink color.

I turned this piece into a brooch, but you can take this inspiration and turn it into any piece of jewelry.  I like the chameleon idea and I thought that this technique would work as a charm with the chameleon shape.

Even thought I have to admit that this technique is time consuming, it is in the same time very relaxing. You`ll just have to use the Etch `n`Pearl tool and cut out colored little dots/pearls and apply them onto a base. You have the possibility to play with the sizes of the dots (because this tools comes in 3 sizes) and also use a foil decorated base and make foils decorated dots.

Of course, the chameleon photo above is free for personal and commercial use and you can save it and use it for photo transfer projects as well. Use the right-click of the mouse and the Save Image As option to save this image and use it in your work.

I`ve drawn the chameleon shape freehand, but you can download a photo of the chameleon and use your scissors to cut out a chameleon shape and use it to make an outline on top of the polymer clay.

As always, I hope that you`ll like the tutorial and I hope that you`re adding new techniques to your toolbox and use up your scrap clay in the process.

Happy claying!



Chameleon polymer clay tutorial

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