My mistake, the price of $ 74.24 is for the PCA 2019, still if you enrol now in PCA 2020 at the regular price, the bonuses are valid!

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiast!
I have to tell you that I got the price wrong. The discount was for PCA 2019 and for all those that wanted a final chance in enroll in this year adventure at a special price.

Still, if you enroll in the PCA 2020, you’ll get the bonuses I mentioned.

I’m sorry again.

I got carried away with all this Black Friday offers and I wanted so much to offer you a Black Friday offer that I’ve seen one where there was none.

Still I hope that you’ll join us for the other bonuses!

Happy claying,

P.S. I’m sorry for the false alarm:)


Here’s the link for the special price for PCA 2019 with the discount code BFS2019



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