Peacock inspired design - Use your scrap clay challenge - Day 5

Peacock inspired design – Use your Scrap Clay Challenge – Day 6

Peacock polymer clay video tutorial

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts!

I also have my days when I feel uninspired and tormented. But then I just know that I have to relax and trust that the inspiration will visit me again…and hope that this is going to be soon.

I worked so much on this idea… I liked the idea of the silkscreen and the copper foil decoration to enhance the beauty of the design, but I could not convert everything into an animal/bird/sea life inspired design. And then I found my peacock silkscreen (that I totally forgot I had because I’ve never used it before) and it all came together beautifully. Trust is also an important part of the creative process.

Here`s a simple idea, but with so much potential. Prepare your silkscreens, acrylic paints of your choice, small cutters and metallic foil and polymer clay and get ready to make something beautiful !

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to cover only certain areas with foil and this is how I came up with this technique. Now, if you consider the large array of silkscreens, the large palette of acrylic paints and also the possibilities offered by metallic foils (silver foil, gold foil, copper foil, abalone foil and maybe more), you really have endless ways to turn a design into a beautiful piece of jewelry.

I hope you`ll like this tutorial and I hope it will inspire you to use up your scrap clay and make something very beautiful with it.

Happy claying!



Peacock polymer clay video tutorial

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