Polymer Clay Adventure 2020! What an adventure!

This is a major Polymer Clay Event of the Year 2020.
Yes, this is an Adventure. This is a year-long inspiration for polymer clay.

If you love polymer clay, this is your chance to learn, get inspired and be part of an amazing community. I’m talking about a year-long of polymer clay inspiration, I’m talking about amazing projects presented by wonderful clay artists. Yes, I’m talking about the Polymer Clay Adventure 2020.

For me personally, PCA has been the most amazing experience. I’ve been a student some years ago and I truly enjoyed being part of this community of like-minded people. Not to mention how this sparkled my creativity and how many things I learned.

I remember watching Laurie Mika’s class on Mini Gothic Shrines and I thought this must be an amazing experience to be a teacher in the Polymer Clay Art Retreat.

And one day I was contacted by Kira and asked if I wanted to submit a proposal for review for PCA 2017. It was really my fork in the road. I wasn’t sure whether I should continue to create polymer clay tutorials (which I loved with all my heart) or go back to bead-embroidery where I had a lot of contest diplomas and praises. And, so, due to Kira and Ilysa I stayed on this road and now I know it was the best thing for me.

Enough about me. Back to PCA 2020.

So, as I’ve had a first hand experience both as a teacher and a student, I encourage you with all my heart to jump into the adventure. You’ll love it. You’ll love the learning part, the amazing teachers, the wonderful community and the feedback you’ll receive on any polymer clay related question.

I invite you to click on the image below to learn more:

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