Polymer Clay Faux Venetian Mask and an easy decoupage technique for polymer clay

Polymer Clay Faux Venetian Mask and an easy  decoupage technique for polymer clay

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiast!

How about some inspiration for making a polymer clay mask?
Even though I tend to concentrate on making jewelry pieces using polymer clay, from time to time I like trying my hand at doing more than jewelry pieces.
Today’s piece is inspired by a request that I received on my blog. I was asked if it’s possible to use polymer clay to make masks and if I could demonstrate the process.
And here it is. I had to think a little bit about this project. I admired images of beautiful Venetian masks, I thought about how to go about this project to make the process interesting as well.
And I decided to use translucent polymer clay for the base. I love translucent clay and I thought it would look great for a mask, especially for a mask decorated with decoupage.
Then I went through my entire collection of napkins ( I do have an entire collection because at some point in my life I used to decoupage everything around the house, until my husband and my son finally asked me, if they really had to live in a space decorated with decoupaged flowers and vintage ephemera….)

Here’s the template that I used to make the mask shape. You can download and use this template in your work (it’s free for personal and commercial use). Use the right-click Save Image As Option to save the template to your computer.

I decided to work with stencils and gold foil. I have to tell you that I love using gold foil and a faux Venetian mask was the perfect occasion to use some.
An easy and beautiful way to decorate the areas around the decoupaged elements was to just use a mandala stencil and gold mica powder to impress a beautiful golden pattern.


Of course, you can tweak this idea and make smaller masks and use them to decorate polymer clay journal covers or you can apply these techniques and make beautiful pieces of jewelry. It’s up to you.
I do encourage you to give decoupage a try and see how you can use it to embellish your polymer clay pieces.
Happy claying!

P.S. Don’t forget to use varnish to seal your projects when using mica powders and gold foils

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