Polymer Clay Planner 2024 – Let this be your most inspired and creative year yet!

Polymer Clay Planner 2024 - Let this be your most inspired and creative year yet!

Polymer Clay Planner 2024


Welcome to the ultimate Digital Planner designed for the creative souls ready to make 2024 a year of polymer clay magic and finished clay projects!

Yes, it is possible to plan, set goals and create more and really see results in your creative life. It doesn’t matter if you create because you want to sell your jewelry pieces on Etsy for a side income or because you want to explore your creative side or just because Creators got to create….

I understand you. And I also know that we, creative people are scattered and we’d really appreciate a little bit of organization in our lives… Just a little bit😊

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 🌟 Put your focus on your creativity in 2024 with this Digital Polymer Clay Planner! 🌟

Polymer clay planner 2024
Polymer clay planner 2024
Polymer clay planner 2024
Polymer clay planner 2024
🎁 Exclusive Bonus: 6 Video Tutorials Under 6 Minutes!


As a special gift, gain access to six quick and engaging video tutorials. Learn how to craft exquisite earrings using polymer clay, gold metal leaf, and other supplies, elevating your creative skills and turning your visions into wearable art.

These short and sweet tutorials offer a step-by-step journey into the art of crafting stunning clay earrings. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or just starting, these bite-sized videos provide a perfect introduction to transforming polymer clay into wearable piece of art.

As always I encourage you to play with these ideas. You’re not quite a fan of gold metal leaf, use silver metal leaf instead. Or copper, maybe?

I’m working with a certain color palette (one that defines my taste), but feel free to try out these ideas with your personal favorite colors of clay. I’m sure you’ll love the end result even more!

And yes there are projects I have not shared before on my Youtube channel. But I surely invite to check out my Youtube channel for more inspiration for your work with clay!



Q &A

Which devices are compatible with this Digital Planner?

Optimal performance for this Digital Planner is achieved on tablets and computer screens. For those with excellent eyesight, it’s also compatible with mobile phones. Seamless functionality is ensured across Mac and Android devices.

Do I need to install additional programs, apps, or anything else?

This Digital Planner seamlessly integrates with popular PDF annotation apps such as Goodnotes or Noteful on iPad, and Penly on Android. If you don’t already have one of these, you can easily download Foxit PDF Reader, which offers excellent compatibility with Mac and Android devices. Alternatively, explore LuminPDF at luminpdf.com – a versatile option that even allows photo uploads for added customization.

Does it start on  Monday or Sunday ?

The Digital Planner starts on Monday. If you want a Digital Planner that starts on Sunday, please write to me and I’ll send you that version of the Planner within 24 hours. 

Is it possible to integrate Apple or Google Calendar reminders and notifications into this Digital Planner?

At present, the Digital Planner does not support the addition or synchronization of Apple or Google Calendar reminders and notifications.

Is it possible to input information into the planner? Can you utilize a stylus or a computer keyboard for data entry?

Certainly! You have the option to use either a stylus or a keyboard to input information into the Digital Planner. Navigate effortlessly with designated buttons inside the planner. Additionally, discover dedicated pages towards the end where you can draw, insert images, and capture and save your ideas and inspirations.

Do you offer a refund policy?

As a digital download, typical instant download items are non-returnable, non-exchangeable, and non-cancellable. However, if you find yourself dissatisfied with the product, you have a 10-day window to request a refund. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Is support available?

You can expect a response within 24 to 48 hours to any technical inquiries sent to .contact@learnpolymerclay.com

Use this Coupon code for 20 % OFF: Planner2024

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