If you love polymer clay, I'm sure you'll love this polymer clay marathon! 20 artists, 20 sessions, 9200 attendees already. Are you in? Sign up for FREE here!

The Polymer Clay Symposium is unfolding wonderfully and it’s such an amazing exchange of techniques, tips, ideas! As a result, we are all inspired and we see so many possibilities for all the amazing things we’re learning. 

Even though I’m a Teacher myself in the event, I have to tell you that I continue to learn new and useful things that I can use in my work. And all this creative energy makes me even more eager to create using polymer clay. 

One of the reasons I love polymer clay so much is the fact that it’s such a lively medium. There are new techniques emerging all the time, new ways of using old techniques creatively and you really feel that the possibilities are endless. 

Not to mention the wonderful community of creative people that are passionate about clay. 

So I encourage you to register and take advantage of the limited time window in which you can watch the workshops for free, though I hope that you’ll like them and maybe even buy the bundle and keep all these workshops for yourself!

You’ll also find a schedule on the same page and you’ll have an idea of the way the Polymer Clay Symposium will take place.

I hope that you’ll take advantage of all these amazing online opportunities to learn more techniques and tips useful in your work with clay and that you’ll be inspired to create more using clay! 

Happy claying!


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