Polymer Clay Symposium 2021. Register now and watch for free for a limited time!

If you love polymer clay, I'm sure you'll love this clay marathon! 28 artists, 28 workshops, thousands of attendees. Are you in? Sign up for FREE here!

Polymer Clay Symposium 2021!

FRI, 5 FEB - SAT, 13 FEB, 2021. 28 artists, 28 sessions, thousands of attendees.

Are you in? Register now!


Polymer Clay Symposium 2020 was a great success. And as a result of so many creative people being enchanted by the beautiful clay projects, there’s a second edition coming up. And you’ll have the possibility to attend this clay event in February 2021!

The principle of the PCS is that you have a limited time window to watch the classes for FREE and if you decide to invest in the bundle, you’ll receive bonus projects and you’ll get to keep the classes forever. And continue to learn and improve your clay skills. And stay inspired. And focused.

Which is why I encourage you to register today and you’ll receive an email notification in advance before the start of the event.

 PCS 2021 will unfold FRI, 5 FEB – SAT, 13 FEB, 2021. 

PCS 2021 means 28 online classes that you can watch for FREE during a 24h window period. This means we’ll get to learn from 28 amazing clay teachers. 

This also means that you get to virtually hang out with amazing like-minded people. 

And that you’ll end up with so many ideas to make exquisite clay pieces.

So, register now and make sure you’ll be notified when the event starts. So you won’t miss a thing.

Register now and watch for FREE (for a limited time)!