Red poppies polymer clay earrings – Valentine’s Day Countdown – 2

red poppies polymer clay tutorial

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiast!

As promised, I’m back with more inspiration for your work with polymer clay. Here’s the second tutorial of the Valentine’s Day series and it’s an easy and in the same time beautiful project.

Well, initially I had red roses in my mind, but finally I’d say that I ended up making poppies. But it’s OK. I love poppies as well.



If you’d prefer red roses for your earrings, you’ll find in the tutorial an easy and fast way to make polymer clay roses. And, as always, you can play with the size of the petals and make larger or smaller roses and use them to beautifully decorate your polymer clay pieces.

I never get tired of hearts and heart -shaped designs… and I hope you you’ll like these foil decorated hearts that look a little bit like trinket boxes. I don’t know why, but these gold foil decorated heart-shapes just make me think of little trinket boxes, so I guess you could easily adapt this design and make small heart-shaped jewelry boxes. As always when working with polymer clay the possibilities are endless.

I used knotted headpins to put a metal filigree bead in the center of the flower and give a dimensional look to the piece. If you like putting together polymer clay and wire, you might wanna take a look at how to make a knotted headpin. It’s easy to do and it adds a lot of interest to a design when attaching a dangle bead or when you want to draw the attention to the center of a piece like I did for these earrings.

A word of advice: don’t forget to apply varnish on the areas that are decorated with gold foil (I’d say several coats of varnish and then you’re sure that your beautiful design will stand the test of time).

I used a little bit of red Pinata alcohol ink mixed with varnish to make the color of the poppies pop up even more.

As always, you can tweak a little bit this idea and make pendants, brooches or why not, jewelry boxes:)

I hope that you’ll like the tutorial and I hope that you’ll get inspired to create beautiful jewelry pieces to wear, to sell or to give to special people in your life.

Happy claying!





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