Art Deco Polymer Clay Earrings

Hello dear friends! How are you today? Are you on track with this year’s resolutions? Me, I decided to choose the mantra Meaningful for this year. Meaningful ways to spend my time, meaningful projects, meaningful relationships. And, of course, polymer clay continues to be meaningful to me. Which is why I prepared a new tutorial for you. I’m […]

Faux ceramic orchid polymer clay tutorial

  Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts! Here’s a tutorial to inspire you to use images and templates to make your work with polymer clay easier. I hope you like orchid flowers because they are going to be my inspiration for this piece. I like orchid flowers very much because they are so beautiful and seem […]

Red poppies polymer clay earrings – Valentine’s Day Countdown – 2

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiast! As promised, I’m back with more inspiration for your work with polymer clay. Here’s the second tutorial of the Valentine’s Day series and it’s an easy and in the same time beautiful project. Well, initially I had red roses in my mind, but finally I’d say that I ended up […]

Lotus heart-shaped pendant / Valentine’s Day Countdown / 1

  Hello dear polymer clay enthusiast! You might not be surprised by the theme I’ve chosen for this Countdown, yet I hope that you’ll find inspiration in the tutorials. For me, it`s always a pleasure to make hearts, to use pink in my work and send love. I`ll start with a technique that I like […]

Ammonite Inspired Clay Design

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts! Here’s the last tutorial of the Use your Scrap Clay Challenge. But don’t worry, I’ll think of a different theme (hopefully interesting as well) and continue to provide inspiration for your polymer clay. The ammonite is a beautiful and easy inspiration to work with. Ammonites lived during the Jurassic and […]

Ornate Elephant – Use Your Scrap Clay Challenge – Day 8

    Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts! Here’s the perfect tutorial for a winter day. This colorful piece will hopefully brighten up your day. In this tutorial I’m using a variation of the Natasha technique,  also called the Natasha bead. This is an easy technique that, in my humble opinion, will give you amazing results, […]

Pastel Clay Chameleon Brooch

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts! You know what they say: new year, new resolutions. When it comes to my resolutions, I decided to use more some of the tools that have great potential, but to which I`m not so drawn in the first place. And such a tool would be the Etch`n`Pearl tool. It really […]

Iridescent swan – Use your scrap clay challenge – Day 7

Hello dear polymer clay enthusiasts, here`s another tutorial to inspire you to use up your scrap clay and in the same time make something beautiful. In this tutorial I`m using the scrap clay as a filler, but I decided not to cover the edges of the piece so you`ll be able to see the color […]