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Thank you for all of the inspirational tutorials!

I love this! The pairing of the ammonite and the squiggly bent ballpins is very cool. I think this is my favorite in the series. Thank you for all of the inspirational tutorials!

Faux Enamel Polymer Clay Tutorial

Thanks for the inspiration!

What a beautiful bracelet!! Thanks for the inspiration, Mihaela!


What a lovely idea! Turned out great - thank you so much for sharing your idea with us. Super!!!

Chameleon polymer clay tutorial

Thanks for sharing!

I see many possibilities for this technique Thanks for sharing your talents and creativity, Mihaela!

Are molds a good idea?

YES  Molds will allow you to make more elaborate pieces using polymer clay with the wow factor even if you don’t normally sculpt polymer clay 

YES Molds are a great way to get your creative juices flowing and get over any creative block any clayer might face

NO Using molds doesn’t mean you’re copying, consider using molds as a starting point to create an unique polymer clay piece in the end 



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