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Mihaela Georgescu
Mihaela Georgescu

Jewelry Making Artist and Instructor 

Get inspired to create exquisite clay jewelry designs!

Discover the enchanting world of jewelry making with Mihaela Georgescu, a dedicated jewelry instructor and artist specializing in the art of polymer clay, resin, wire, and beads. Let’s take ideas and turn them into wearable art!


Clay jewelry ideas

You can use polymer clay to mare lots of things (from vases too to decorating canvases, from dolls to art figures), which is amazing. Still, this will be your home for jewelry making tutorials and I hope you’ll come often to get your creative juices flowing. 

Sakura Polymer Clay Earrings
Polymer clay pendant with Pebeo Fantasy Paints
Polymer Clay Totem Beads

What other Clay Lovers say

“I love the inspiration and the techniques that I got from this instructor.”


“These are the most beautiful earrings I have ever seen. Everything worked out perfectly ”


“This is brilliant! Love this idea and the colors and design…just WOW ”



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