I’m Mihaela and I love polymer clay. I also love sharing my ideas, my inspiration and my techniques with all those creative people that are interested in turning their ideas into wearable jewelry pieces.

I started out by making bead embroidered pieces of jewelry. And, if I wanted to impress you, I’d show you some of my designs that made me a finalist in several beading competitions. But, if I wanted to talk to you from the heart, which I prefer to do, I’d tell you about polymer clay and the endless possibilities of working with polymer clay.

One day, a long time ago, I tried to use polymer clay to make cabochons to use them in my bead embroidered designs. And I loved the freedom that you have when working with clay as well as the infinite possibilities. Thus, so many years after, I’m still here sharing my passion, my ideas and my techniques.

I sincerely hope that you’ll find inspiration for your work with polymer clay in the mini-course or in these blogs posts, but more than anything I encourage you to create, to connect to your creativity and bring into the world the things that you see in your mind’s eye. Not only for the beauty of the creative process, but also for the fact that, we, as creatives, have such a sacred duty to turn our ideas into tangible and hopefully beautiful things.

Happy claying!


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