The Ultimate Guide to Polymer Clay – my best tips and tricks

Download the Ultimate Guide to Polymer clay!  Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned clayer, these tips are a game-changer.

Boost your clay skills with this Ultimate Guide to Polymer clay

Hello, dear polymer clay enthusiast!

It’s with immense joy and excitement that I share with you this guide – the Ultimate Guide to Polymer clay —resulting from my 10 years of working with polymer clay.

Whether you’re a seasoned clayer or just dipping your toes into this fascinating medium, there’s something useful in these pages for everyone. Or at least, I started with this purpose in mind.

Let’s talk about polymer clay –I like to call it magic clay! Why? In a word, clay is like magical – you can make almost anything with it! Do you like the shimmer of glass beads or the sparkle of glass cabochons and pendants?

Well, good news – you can totally imitate those looks in your own artsy way. And if you’re into the beauty of gemstones (I am too), why not try your hand at crafting clay pieces inspired by them? The possibilities are endless!

You can use clay to this end and more! I love clay so much for that reason. And I hope to pass this passion onto you.

And let’s be honest. Above all, polymer clay is not such an expensive craft. And you can start out with a handful of tools and with only 3 colors (and also black and white clay). You’ll find all this and more in the guide.

Moreover, working with clay doesn’t come with many rigid “rules.” As long as you thoroughly condition it and bake it according to instructions, there’s really no wrong way to handle clay.

Of course, you’ll have to be careful with what you put into the oven when using clay embellishments (anything that stands the heat will do, like metal or glass elements; while you’ll have to avoid acrylic and plastic elements – You’ll find in the guide what’s the exception to this “rule”).

Furthermore, I’ll give you also my personal take on the tools to have and the jewelry findings you’ll need to assemble your beautiful creations.

At the end of the Ultimate guide to polymer clay you’ll also find links to my best step-by-step video tutorials to inspire you to experiment with:

  • image transfer onto polymer clay
  • stencils and mica powder
  • decoupage onto polymer clay
  • stamps and texture plates
  • alcohol inks
  • pan pastels
  • and more
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All in all, I’m glad that you are here. It means that we share the same interest/passion/fancy for polymer clay. I confess. I’m totally hooked on polymer clay. I mean, who can resist the joy of creating tiny wonders with clay? I bet you feel the same way!

So to sum up, clay is such a great way to explore your creativity and turn your ideas into jewelry pieces that you can proudly wear or sell for a profit;) And as I said, as long as you condition it well and bake it correctly, there is no wrong way to use clay. Still, some tips might make your exploration much easier!

Grab your Guide now, and trust me, you’re gonna adore these tips!

Happy claying!


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