Our Instructor

Hi, my name is Mihaela Georgescu and I am a Jewelry Making Artist and a Polymer Clay Teacher. I love polymer clay and I want to share my passion with you. I want to get as many people as possible acquainted with the endless possibilities of polymer clay. I consider that creativity is a key to self-discovery and my solution for exploring your inner creativity is represented by polymer clay. Learn from a jewelry making artist passionate about polymer clay. For me, polymer clay is like a magical clay. You can sculpt it, draw on it, stamp it, paint on it, make embossed impressions using textures, add inclusions, transfer images on it, etc. So, the possibilities are endless. And the beauty of polymer clay is that almost every day someone comes with new ideas related to polymer clay that open new possibilities. I consider that the creation process is a reward in itself and when you have a solid base and you know your ABC, it’s the moment when you can unleash your creativity and create the things you wished they existed. I put years, blood and tears to get where I am and what I have to share with you is pure gold! I will guide you to find your jewelry maker’s profile and then you will be able to create jewelry pieces that represent you, your vision and your style. I invite you into a journey where you will perfect your skills, enhance your creativity and discover your inner creative voice. Then it’s up to you to decide the end purpose for the jewelry you’ll be making: proudly wear them, give them as presents, sell them or a combination of all of these. My best to you! Mihaela     

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